LA Reception Thoughts by Shana

[Paul + Brady + Britt + Shana]

Hello art-lovers! First off, let me say on behalf of Tad and all the rock stars at Found Gallery, thank you for your interest and support. We had an exuberant and engaged crowd at the opening, and I’m thrilled to say that, with one insignificant exception, the experiment was a resounding success. Tad and I were clear in our statement at the outset that we considered “Double Up/Double Down” as much if not more of a psychological exercise as a formal one. Our first pass at pairings was based on what interested us aesthetically but the partnerships we eventually engineered were informed by temperament and ego fortitude.

As anyone following the progress of the show no doubt noticed, along the way there were many, many contentious moments between partners. Some felt they were doing all the work and being toyed with, others felt intimidated; some just went nose the grindstone and did the work; only a few lived up to their claims to be “up for the challenge,” and “open-minded.” In the last few days of the studio time, we were nervous about not only the work but the threat of drama at the reception. Then this miraculous thing happened—nearly everyone pulled themselves together, took responsibility for their own actions, and made real art. Some is great, some is good, but each piece has (or had, you’ll see) something to recommend it and at least one viewer picking it as a favorite. Everyone got a valentine. And when partners met, everyone got along and some real life friendships even got forged. We got pretty tipsy just in case there was yelling, but it turned out to be a celebration. Except for this one thing, where one of the artists was feeling pouty and instead of a) seeing the strange ancient beauty and strained humanism of the finished piece or b) growing a set and talking to someone about it, had his hairy cow of a girlfriend blow it up with firecrackers inside the gallery when it was full of people. Very disrespectful to both himself and his partner (the young talent M.M.) as well as to the gallery and curators that had invited him to play. I got mad and had a little YouTube-ready meltdown where my inner New Yorker was in full effect. I’m not proud, but it was pretty funny. I mean what I said, not what they did. They were stupid. Jackass isn’t even a good show anymore!

So anyway!! The boys asked me to write up some of my favorite moments from the show and share them with you. We are having a BBQ on Sunday at the gallery as a sort of closing party, exegesis and curator’s tour (with just me it looks like since Tad’s out of town, but no worries) that I think they are planning on filming and posting later, so I’ll save some of the more formal/art criticism observations for Sunday and the video of it and for now just share some of my favorite surprises from last Saturday…

One example of something we thought might not go so well was that Britt Ehringer's partner Paul Pescador waited until very late in the process and suddenly shredded the canvas and sent Britt back a CD with pictures of its carcass, which frankly frustrated to the point where he decided to wreak revenge by making a whole new piece basically by himself, but based on earlier imagery they had been working with. Their piece, “Spam Alert” is a huge Cibachrome with hand-painted text all over it, a work which in no way resembles what his work normally looks like. It's fantastic, a real show-stopper in fact, to the point where the gallery expressed interest in working with him again, but it’s just a very different style and medium for him, and so we settled on a conceptual framework in which their process still amounted to a real, and successful, collaboration because Paul’s actions knocked Britt so far out of his comfort zone that he landed in territories of his own craft he hadn’t explored. I think Paul has a future as a curator and/or a conceptual artist.

Domenic Quagliozzi bolted his and Leora Lutz's canvases together face to face and we were sure she'd read this as hostile but then she got there and loved it, old school punk rock hottie that she is. Besides, she had taken it to the gun range and peppered it with shrapnel, so I think she respected his gesture. Ashley Tibbits was worried about how the last minute addition of mirrors as frame mounts to her collaboration with Michelle Liu would be installed, but adored (as did I) the hanging curtain installation the gallery came up with, proving that we were all here to help and really looking at the art. Milo Martin and Anne-Charlotte Tavolacci were the challenge winners for sure, keeping their cool and learning from each other and coming up with one of the most seamless dialogues and popular works in the group—though the real crowds gathered around Lisa Adams and Saul Gray Hildenbrand’s hand-operated fake television set/altar like they’d never seen such a marvel of technology before, and this from two painters!

There are many more great things at the show so try to catch it before it comes down this weekend, like Sunday for example, which should be good fun. Cheers! SND


JCP LA photos + more Berlin

[Spam Alert by Paul Pescador + Britt Ehringer/Photo by Tito da Costa]

Hi everyone. We're delivering a bunch of photo links today.

First, as above, we have all of the photos of the finished pieces in LA. View the photos by Tito da Costa here.

Also, here are some photos of the reception from last Saturday evening.

View the other reception photos by Tito da Costa here.

Finally, we have some new photos from the Berlin reception on June 27. View them all here.

+++ Video + Updates + Future Projects coming soon +++

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Here is the promised presentation from the Pecha Kucha Kreuzberg special. I haven't actually reviewed it myself, because, as a human being, I detest the sound of my voice and the quality of my content. The presentation's format, like the JCP itself, is defined by interesting restrictions. Presenters are asked to supply 20 images and may speak about each slide for 20 seconds only.

This saves bad presentations from going on forever and leads you to wanting to know more about subjects that were engaging. JCP artist Anna Krenz was one of the co-curators of the evening.

Click here to watch/listen.


LA Record + Reception + Brady's Head

[Brady = neo-Noir]

Last night's opening of the JCP LA was a riot. It was all good fun, until one artist [or, rather, one artist's girlfriend] decided it was not only appropriate, but tolerable, to flip over part of the piece and light a firecracker in the gallery.

We have some video of the fallout, and Brady will tell the whole story real soon.

Speaking of Brady, LA Record just ran an interview with Brady and insisted on shooting a photo of him. Above is the photo. Here is the write-up, which is probably the clearest description of what's been going on + a little of the Orphanage ----> Found's backstory.


Happy 5th + Meet Your LA Artists

The last 2 days, we've been installing at Found, forgoing some of the holiday weekend festivities to ensure the LA show will be a thought provoking one. So, here are your 24 LA artists.

[again, in no such particular order]

Joe Wall
Grace Oh
Lisa Adams
Amy Kaps
Marissa Underwood
Ashley Tibbits
Michelle Liu
Leora Lutz
Liz Acosta
Britt Ehringer
Renée Martin
Gretchen Rollins
Michael Hayden
Kim Bagwill [2nd time]
Milo Martin
Dominic Quagliozzi
AnnCharlotte Tavolacci
Saul Gray Hildenbrand
Paul Pescador
Joe Merrell
Alexandra Wetzel


Joint Custody LA Opens Tomorrow

After a month of apathy, anxiety, anticipation, and anthropomorphistic dabblings, we're pleased to announce that Joint Custody Project: Los Angeles opens tomorrow – July 5. Join us for the opening reception at Found Gallery from 6-9pm. After party at the Hyperion Tavern.

The last four weeks have brought us together, and pushed us apart. Some of the pieces have been reinvented from the ground up. The B Collaborators took this, their final pass, as an opportunity to make some extremely bold (if much belated) moves. To the A Collaborators who spent the last two weeks whining about how little their partner had been contributing – watch out. You might not recognize your piece. At all.

Out of the 11 pieces in the show, four of them hang from the ceiling. There were seven canvases at the beginning of June - only four remain – and only two of those four escaped the spectre of the knife, the needle, or the gun. We have nudity, sex, gambling, addiction, and yes – doubling. Doubling of all kinds. The heaviest piece is over 50 pounds. The lightest piece is less than 2 ounces.

22 artists – 11 pieces – 1 night. Will artistic differences trump social decency? If you come to one event at Found this summer – this better be it.


Berlin Reception

We opened the Berlin version of the Joint Custody Project last Friday night. It was a wildly engaging and fun evening, replete with overlapping creative circles getting together for the first time and a general curiosity from the viewers and artists alike. See photos here.

MIDAS TOUCH from Mwebex Radio Fork on Vimeo
[thanks to DJ Nomad + Hunee for playing the reception]

Additionally, we organized a barbeque this past Tuesday with the artists and other folks involved with the success of the project. Here are a couple photos below.

More on the individual artists, their thoughts on the pieces, etc. over the next 2 weeks.

LA is installing as we speak. Opens Saturday.


Happy Siebenschlaefer + Meet Your Berlin Artists

Germans celebrate June 27th as their version of a summer Groundhog Day. Today, we also open the Joint Custody Project Berlin. We've decided to finally share the list of 24 excellent artists who have spent the last month toiling, sharing, and arting.

[in no such particular order]

Click on them for more treats
Eve Hurford
Jules Herrmann
Katja Sonnenwend
Paul Thomas
Sophia Domagala
Kerstin Wagener
Daniel Wang
Sandra Siewert
Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Rigobert Pupacher
Anton Unai
Despina Stokou
Mike Ruiz
Enrico Centonze
El Bocho
Gert-Jan Akerboom
Jessica Gellweiler
Klaas Hübner
Amanda Vietta
Anna Krenz
Kai von Rabenau
Uwe Behrens


JCP Berlin Vernissage // TOMORROW

One of two moments you've been waiting for has finally arrived -- The Joint Custody Project: Berlin opens tomorrow (Friday, 27 June) at Raab Galerie. We spent today installing the pieces, which span from canvasses to multimedia presentations to a floor "carpet." Stay glued to the blog, as we will release the names of the artists a few hours before the reception begins.

(an official invitation to you + yours)

Join us at Raab Galerie [map] from 7-9pm for a night of surprises, introductions, and experimentation in West Berlin as we celebrate the opening of the month-long saga of the Joint Custody Project Berlin. The evening becomes a West-meets-East migration as the celebration continues late into the night at 103 Club [Kreuzberg - map], hosted by Discos Capablanca.

The Joint Custody Project landed in Berlin on the 1st of June. 24 artists from all mediums were selected by curators Jonny Coleman and Chris Cruse, and paired off into 12 teams. Each team was tasked to create a cohesive piece of art -- without exchanging a single word. All the artists were given the same theme -- "You Can Never Go Home Again" -- to think about as they developed their pieces.

Each artist worked, back and forth, on the piece over the last four weeks without any verbal communication or knowledge of his/her partner's identity. Many tears were shed; much joy was shared. These pieces are more than end-products -- they are stories.

Join us on Friday for the exciting conclusion of the pieces, as they are revealed at the Raab Galerie. As an added treat, this will be the first time the artists will have the opportunity to meet. Come have a drink with us, enjoy provocative art, and participate in what will no doubt be the most exciting night of this project. Then stay out late with us...


Los Angeles: Rounds 3, 4 + 5

In the heat of Los Angeles, 22 artists are finally starting to understand what it means to share custody. Only two swaps to go before the opening on July 5, and things are getting real. We've got partners who are playing tricks on one another, partners who refuse to communicate, artists who don't want their name on their piece, artists who want all the credit, and artists who feel like they are pulling all the weight... One thing is certain, however – everyone is nervous/anxious to meet their mate.

Included below are random smatterings from the last three swaps. As usual, you can find more images from Round 3, Round 4 and Round 5 on our Flicker Stream.

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

Joint Custody Project LA

In other news, I witnessed the US beat Barbados 8-0 right here in LA. Made for a boring game – but I did learn that the Barbadan flag features the Maserati logo. I smell some excellent product placement opportunities.

What up Berlin?
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