Final list of JCP 2007 artists & pairings

Here is the definitive list of the JCP 2007 pairings, with links where applicable.


Poughkeepsie Wow & Matt Eyeda (www.eyeda.com)
Daniel Gaines & Rebecca Tierney
Chris Cruse & Ryan Riss (www.craptical.com)
Chris Hagerthy & Matt Groller (www.mattgroller.com)
Brad Powell & Lara Boudreaux
Leah Demo & Francoise Studer
Nathan Kanne & Andrea Flores
Ryan Piers Williams (www.ryanpierswilliams.com)& Shae Barney
Andy Ayala & Lawson Deming
Marcy Kelly & Larkin Clark
Ayse Art & Steve Jester
Evan Peele (www.gachart.com) & Kristyn Dors (www.kristyndors.com)
Lyla Rose & Airom Bleicher (www.paintedheart.com)
Katie Jenkins & Seana Carroll
Kim Bagwill (www.kimbagwill.blogspot.com) & Alex Schaefer (www.alexanderschaefer.blogspot.com)
Jonny Coleman (noperformance.com/blog)& Jonathan Zalben (www.jonathanzalben.com)
Laura Castellanos & Scott Ortner (www.breakfreedesigns.com)
Heather Chavez (www.heatherchavez.blogspot.com) & Elizabeth Hoffman
Alena Groopman & Jason Pinsker
Tim McMullan & Supan Bindra
Ryan Mitchell & Katie Ryan
DJ Grossi & Lizzie Tilles
Maximilian Buschman (www.maxbart.net) & Sowaila Zada
Kim Culotta (tkimmie.blogspot.com) & Jeff McMillan (www.jeffmcmillan.com)

ps---details coming soon about our next collaborative effort


A few photos of the finished products

Here are a few decent photos. I will have more up soon.


Photos from Mike Hedge

Photos of the evening from Mike Hedge, the tireless/indefatigable shutterbug friend of FEM West Coast ally. We need more guys like Mr. Hedge to document our memories. myspace.com/mikehedge

Photos from the Reception

Here's what I took---I was kind of occupied trying to make those introductions to artists and diffuse unstable baby personalities. If you'd like to share any, please email to me (jonny@foundla.com) or post as comment. Thanks.



we're almost done with installing everything. and by almost done, i mean there's still a lot of work to do. and by a lot of work, i mean we'll probably be here to late. it's fairly overwhelming so far. i hope you enjoy it.


Works in Progress

Photos from last week of work after three 4 day blocks. In no order.
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