Selecting, officially

Chris and I just arrived in Berlin and are working on getting everything finalized for the project. We've spent a lot of time traveling over the past week, which has afforded us a lot of little sessions where we can discuss, debate, and discover what the Berlin arm of the project will be and what it means to us.

We've quickly realized that although this project is defined by a lack of verbal communication, our roles as curators has involved over-verbalization. It's the only way necessary to explore all of the possibilities, the seemingly endless variations and possibilities the project could create.

However, we've put together a structure that hopefully curtails artistic cruelty and encourages active 'listening' and participation. More on that soon ----

Likewise, we just saw Shana and Tad's final list for LA. It's really, really exciting, to say the least.

For now, we'd like to share some a sampling of responses from the artists who have applied for Berlin.


Introduction by Susan Buice

Around the time when the idea for this collaboration was budding for me, filmmakers/mates Four Eyed Monsters were trying to distribute the filmed version of the story of their relationship, how they met through exchanging artwork before words.

Susan from Four Eyed Monsters just so happened to be in town last week. Chris met up with her latenight and they made this little video to help clarify a little of the how and why of the JCP. Thanks to Drew Brown and also to Coyote, for supplying the track 'Going Out.'

Joint Custody Project Introduction by Susan from Found Gallery on Vimeo. Shot on location at the lamps in front of LACMA

The Four Eyed Monsters is now available at Border's. [More]


meet our esteemed LA curators

We are pleased to announce that Shana Nys Dambrot and Tad Beck will be the curators of the Los Angeles Joint Custody Project.

Before we hear from them, here is a little background about these two.


Shana Nys Dambrot is an art critic, curator and author based in Venice, CA. Her fine art & design reviews, features and interviews have appeared in scores of regional, national, international and online publications including Modern Painters, ArtReview, ARTnews, Whitehotmagazine.com, The Believer, Kotori Magazine, tema celeste, Angeleno, Art Asia Pacific, Intersection, Juxtapoz and Coagula Art Journal. She is currently the LA Managing Editor at Flavorpill.com and a Contributing Editor at its affiliate publication Artkrush.com as well as at Artweek and Art Ltd and the Galleries Editor at TimeOut LA, and she is the author of scores of special exhibition book and catalogs essays locally and internationally. A complete account of her published books and articles can be found at sndx.net and she blogs sporadically at uber.com/snd. She holds a BA in Art History from Vassar College.


[Beefcake 4 by Tad Beck]

Tad Beck is a Los Angeles-based artist, working primarily in photography and video. He has studied at Cornell, SVA, and Art Center. Additionally, he is a full time intermedia professor at USC's Roski School of Fine Arts and has taught at Otis. Beck has had numerous solo shows throughout the country and has participated in scores of group exhibitions as well.



As a team, these two curators have a breadth of knowledge on production, analysis, and distribution of visual art, and both have firm roots in the Southern California creative landscape.

They will be making their selections soon, and, although we cannot reveal their choices until much later, we will share some of their thought processes about the individual artists and overall direction in which they are steering this ship.

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