image courtesy: Dr. Keats

We've extended the Berlin application to be open through May 15. We won't be able to start making our final choices + pairings until after the 15th, so we thought to give interested parties a few extra days to get it done.


sister sister

image courtesy: Etienne Rheindahlen

Applications continue to pour in for both cities. Get yours in to be considered for this opportunity.


Preview [JCP 2007]

Artwork by Lawson Deming / Andy Ayala, JCP 2007

We've had a lot of questions as to what the project will be like. And, while we want to keep secret a lot of the twists and turns, we've re-released a few key posts from last year's blog to show what's possible. From the looks of the application pool, this year's cadre will be extremely talented.

If you are adventurous and talented yourself, don't miss the chance to collaborate with some really amazing artists. Apply here for both Los Angeles and Berlin.
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