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Chris and I just arrived in Berlin and are working on getting everything finalized for the project. We've spent a lot of time traveling over the past week, which has afforded us a lot of little sessions where we can discuss, debate, and discover what the Berlin arm of the project will be and what it means to us.

We've quickly realized that although this project is defined by a lack of verbal communication, our roles as curators has involved over-verbalization. It's the only way necessary to explore all of the possibilities, the seemingly endless variations and possibilities the project could create.

However, we've put together a structure that hopefully curtails artistic cruelty and encourages active 'listening' and participation. More on that soon ----

Likewise, we just saw Shana and Tad's final list for LA. It's really, really exciting, to say the least.

For now, we'd like to share some a sampling of responses from the artists who have applied for Berlin.

How do you make a living?

+i am making art
+Heiress. Video reports for internet tv (interviews, camera work, editing). Deejay. Last year accountant for a film company, didn't like it.
+Painting murals...spinning records. Whorring.

Least favorite trend in art/design?

+super seriousness
+drawing with a normal pencil
+overworked digital images
+Hip-Hop, Graffitti [sic], Francis Bacon, David Lynch, New York, Germany, Berlin
+performances where somebody is half naked or half dead
+anything that is needlessly messy

Describe your ideal collaborator

+My friend Ben recently visited me in Berlin and we constantly remixed Michael Jackson songs as we walked about the city.
+a mechanical robot that runs without electronic energy and my little son
+Someone who can finish my most surreal thoughts
+Anyone who can draw like a maniac - detailed and sharp lines and images
+Willing to experiment and dare, dep, personal, no ego, sometimes melancholic, rather process - than goal-oriented, able to be very focused, able to be silly, not hooked on one aesthetic style only, avoiding graffiti and pictures that look like children's drawings, interested in many different things, has an attention span greater than 1 minute (that goes for reading, watching films and listening to other people), easy to travel with, able to dance although he/she doesn't like the music, criticizes honestly and respectfully, if collaborating criticizes with alternative suggestions, likes to laugh, doesn't like gangster movies, likes chocolate

Describe a specific time when you enjoyed collaborating

+Yesterday evening, having sex with my wife

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galleryrevisited said...

i love this process too and i think your application form was a really great idea.
...the last entry on the "ideal collaborator" section sounds like they are looking for someone to date.
perhaps a love connection will occur as a result of the project.

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