New Blood

As applications for the project have been rolling in, we wanted to make sure that everyone is clear on the format of the project, so here are the nitty-gritty guidelines [for both LA & Berlin].

  • Artists will be paired by the curators in partnerships of two
  • Each artist will be responsible for the piece in 4-5 day increments
  • At no point should an artist try to verbally contact his/her partner
  • Each artist is expected to exchange work on time
  • Limitations on media and scale or artwork will be determined by the curators at a later date
  • Found representatives will be chronicling the progress of each piece
  • If you have problems playing well with others, we respect that. Just please don't apply for this project. We want this to be a positive experience for all involved.
  • For fairness' sake, finished work will be sold at a set price point for all of the pieces [1/3 goes to the gallery, 1/3 to artist #1, 1/3 to artist #2] to be determined by Found
  • Adventurous creativity is a must

As this is a unique process, there will likely be many more questions, so please don't hesitate to post them as comments. We will publicly answer them as best we can.

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