Berlin: A Partners Bring It

An exciting first showing by the Berlin A-partners (excuse the vernacular, LA). We received a handful of canvas-based pieces and another handful of sculptural. Some were raw materials passed around -- there was even an electronic PDF explaining how to find the artist's pieces planted throughout the city. B-partners, mount up. Looking forward to seeing how you listen, and what you make.

These are a sampling of the pics (rest on Found Gallery's Flickr):

P.S. -- To continue with the undiscussed soccer motif that keeps popping up...Currently we are in a café while the Euro 2008 (soccer championship, for those in US) is broadcast on a projector. The opening ceremony involved a few snow queens [yes, that's what I mean], an inflated skiier slaloming through abstract white boxes, and thousands of people dressed in leotards half-red / half-white rolling around on the field -- ostensibly changing the color of the logo they are supposed to collectively resemble (soccerball with fire -- the Euro logo). A challenging collaboration for all, nonetheless. How do they know what to do? Thinking of you!!!



jonnyc said...


jonnyc said...

[that's our version of bringing a little bit of home wherever you go]

Brady Brim-DeForest said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast. Speaking of soccer, I'm headed to the FIFA World Cup Qualifier on June 15. I'll take some Found Stickers and represent.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

EM is getting off to a really / unpredictably random start: z.B.: effing italy got their arses kicked- who knew?


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