Joint Custody LA Opens Tomorrow

After a month of apathy, anxiety, anticipation, and anthropomorphistic dabblings, we're pleased to announce that Joint Custody Project: Los Angeles opens tomorrow – July 5. Join us for the opening reception at Found Gallery from 6-9pm. After party at the Hyperion Tavern.

The last four weeks have brought us together, and pushed us apart. Some of the pieces have been reinvented from the ground up. The B Collaborators took this, their final pass, as an opportunity to make some extremely bold (if much belated) moves. To the A Collaborators who spent the last two weeks whining about how little their partner had been contributing – watch out. You might not recognize your piece. At all.

Out of the 11 pieces in the show, four of them hang from the ceiling. There were seven canvases at the beginning of June - only four remain – and only two of those four escaped the spectre of the knife, the needle, or the gun. We have nudity, sex, gambling, addiction, and yes – doubling. Doubling of all kinds. The heaviest piece is over 50 pounds. The lightest piece is less than 2 ounces.

22 artists – 11 pieces – 1 night. Will artistic differences trump social decency? If you come to one event at Found this summer – this better be it.

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