LA Record + Reception + Brady's Head

[Brady = neo-Noir]

Last night's opening of the JCP LA was a riot. It was all good fun, until one artist [or, rather, one artist's girlfriend] decided it was not only appropriate, but tolerable, to flip over part of the piece and light a firecracker in the gallery.

We have some video of the fallout, and Brady will tell the whole story real soon.

Speaking of Brady, LA Record just ran an interview with Brady and insisted on shooting a photo of him. Above is the photo. Here is the write-up, which is probably the clearest description of what's been going on + a little of the Orphanage ----> Found's backstory.


Marisa said...

As the "Artist's Girlfriend" I would just like to say I had nothing to do with the firecracker. I just wanted someone to be able to see something my boyfriend worked so hard on, since his horrible partner hid or tried to throw it all away. His partner, however, managed to make it the worst piece there by doing so, perhaps on purpose, since she did not have the courage to show up and face the guy whose work she destroyed.

jonnyc said...

Read the rules.

and check this out too ----

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